KIT 100-150 Index

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The KIT magazines on this DVD are PDF files. To read these files on your PC/Mac, you must install the Adobe Reader software that you can download free of charge from " Get Adobe Reader " ; version 9 is currently available. The KIT files are readable with version 7 or later.

Up to No 133, KIT was published in 2 different editions: in French and in Dutch; these magazines are on the DVD as 2 separate files. The French version is identified by the suffix " FR " to the number while the Dutch version uses " NL ". As from No 134, KIT is bilingual and there is no longer a suffix to the number.

KITs No 100 to 133 where scanned from an actual paper magazine; from No 134, the PDF files have been made right from the page layout software.

The index (in subfolder DATA) is made in Microsoft Excel " INDEX_Excel " (.xls) and offers possibilities to filter in all categories. Clicking on the magazine number will open the PDF of the desired KIT.
It is also available in:
- Microsoft Works, but it is not possible to open the PDF by clicking on the number " INDEX_Works " (.wks).
- OpenOffice Calc; due to addressing problems, several versions have been created. Select the one corresponding to the letter assigned to your DVD drive " INDEX_OpenOffice Calc Drive D " (.ods), " INDEX_OpenOffice Calc Drive E " (.ods) or " INDEX_OpenOffice Calc Drive F " (.ods).
- An Excel version without hyperlinks to the PDFs (for compatibility reasons) is also available " INDEX_Excel NO links " (.xls).

Reproduction in whole or in part of the articles, plans and pictures published in KIT is strictly forbidden without the written consent of the authors. Articles of the magazine are published, with their shortcomings or inaccuracies, under the sole responsibility of their authors.

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