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IPMS anno 1963
The International Plastic Modellers' Society is an international association, unique in its kind, striving to regroup the fans of plastic modelling. Its motto is "By modellers, for modellers". All the aspects of modelling are cared for: aircraft's, AFV's, ships, cars, motorcycles, figures, arms, dioramas, science-fiction, ... The "Society" was born in 1963 in Great Britain. A bunch of enthusiast gathered together to chat about their hobby, to exchange ideas and tips. Their club was called the "British Plastic Modellers' Society". Very rapidly, the BMPS saw its ranks filled by adepts from all around the world and the name was changed to "IPMS, International Plastic Modellers' Society" to reflect this international nature. Today, there are national branches in nearly every country where plastic models are to be found. Most of these branches are editing their own periodical bulletin. The members doing themselves the research or specializing in a particular aspect of plastic modelling write the articles. The activities of the Society are manifold: meetings during which an old hand explain his tricks, slides presentations, exhibitions, competitions, ...

IPMS Belgium anno 1968
The Belgian branch was founded in 1968. It's one of the most important branches in the world. IPMS Belgium is an "association without any lucrative purpose" runned only by volunteers. The publications are produced and distributed by modellers, spending some of their spare time and energy. The association is run following the same principles. IPMS Belgium is managed by modellers for modellers and is not associated to any model producer or sponsor.

Sections or Affiliated Clubs.
IPMS Belgium has about 25 sections or affiliated clubs at the moment. These clubs provide, at least once a month, a meeting place where new contacts can be established between members of these or other clubs or even on an international basis. They also prepare exhibitions, competitions, swap meets, guided tours of museums or military bases,... Existing, non affiliated clubs can, of course, apply for a membership to IPMS Belgium. If there's no local section in your neighbourhood, all you have to do is to find 5 IPMS members to create a new branch.

The first magazine was edited in Great Britain under the title "The IPMS Magazine". It was distributed to all IPMS members. Later the various national branches launched their own magazines. In Belgium, IPMS publishes the quarterly magazine "KIT". In it, you can find articles written by members about very precise subjects and illustrated by drawings, plans and photos, the central interest being models sporting Belgian colours. That does not mean that other subjects are excluded. The "KIT" is distributed freely to the members and some of the older issues are still available through our website : www.ipms.be or at certain model shows.
How To Become A Member
There are two ways to become a member:
When you register, you can choose "independent" member, if there is a local section in your neighbourhood, we urge you to affiliate through it. Your membership fee can, in some cases, be a little higher, but you will benefit many additional advantages: regional news bulletin, more meetings, less informal contacts,... You can also opt for another section or you can launch your own. You will receive the latest KIT magazine and during the next year you will receive the next three KIT's . Some shops also give a discount when you show them your valid member card. You also receive a discount at the organized events of IPMS Belgium, e.g. free entry at the IPMS National Convention for all members.

Want to join us?
Click here: Join IPMS Belgium . All you have to do is subscribe through the application form on our website and make your payment. Your member card and your first KIT magazine will be sent as soon as possible.

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